What is send.so ?

Send.so is Somali leading bulk SMS service. With our simple API integration and cost effective bulk SMS solutions your business, brand or organisation can easily communicate with an expansive audience in a targeted manner.

We have access to over 700 networks in 150 countries, testing our services is fast and simple and our Help Centre can easily guide you through the process.

What We Offer

Bulk SMS

Use bulk SMSes to communicate to multiple contacts using our safe and easy to use interactive.

Short Codes

These are memorable 5 digit numbers used in print and broadcast advertising.

API Integration

An Application Programming Interface (API) allows users to SMS-enable any application, website or system..

Cell Number Databases

Marketing to Mobile Databases increased significantly once companies realised Mobile Technology.


Happy Users


SMS Sent


Cup Coffee


Meet Up


At Send.so we know how important transparency is for any business. That’s why we’ve created a clever Bulk SMS platform that allows you to send, manage and analyse your Bulk SMS efforts all in one handy place. With Send.so, you can:


Conveniently import, create, and manage contacts and groups.


Run historical reports, review analytics and monitor campaigns with minimal hassle


Merge data from your existing address book and remove duplicate numbers.

News & Updates

Create personalised text messages with news, updates or special offers to send to customers.

Pricing Plan

6 Variables per SMS can be changed automatically Each sms = 160 characters to any network Messages can be up to 3 sms‘s long No setup or monthly subscription fee charged Sms'es valid on account for 12 months Our sms service is pay as you go



  • Rate: $0.03
  • SMS: 1666
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  • Rate: $0.025
  • SMS: 4000
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  • Rate: $0.02
  • SMS: 10000
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Registration at Send.so is easy and it's free! Signing up will get you a 50 free SMSes. It's really simple, once you have registered, login and start sending SMSes!

Sales & Support

If you require any further information about send.so Products, please do not hesitate to contact us. Our team of highly trained professionals are standing by



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